Thank you, Leo and Stephanie Nwadibia! It was a classic case of right place, right time.

Leo is a very good friend and family friend of mine. We have been friends from Nigeria while we were still in high school. One month to my graduation from my graduate program I got an invitation from Leo to attend his wedding in Maryland. Little did I know that my life will change forever after that EPIC wedding. I went to the wedding and seating by my left is this gorgeous African beauty. First she made me stand up and introduce myself to other guest at the table, which I was not expected to do. The second scene was her asking me to the floor to dance. Dancing is not my thing but instead of turning down a beautiful lady’s request, I obliged her request. We exchanged numbers and 4 months later, precisely labor day weekend, our love journey began.

The proposal
One place: Empire State Building. A surprise visit to the Empire State Building Observatory deck.

Lynn loves surprises, and Nate is a mastermind at planning them—especially for her special days. I got my friends in Pittsburgh and Maryland to pull off the proposal. My friends travelled to New York on this special day (August 14th 2011). I had asked them to get me flowers and also to show up that wonderful night at the Empire State Building. Two weeks prior to this day I have been sending Lynn Pictures of us that we took at different places. Behind each picture is a letter with a heart symbol and a love note. The letters had no meaning to her because I mixed up the letters so that she wouldn’t be able to put the puzzle together. The full sentence to all the letters was supposed to be “LYNN WILL YOU MARRY ME?”

Back to the 14th of August. So we started our drive to New York from New Jersey, it was raining heavily and Lynn suggested that we postpone our tour to the Empire State Building for another time because she doesn’t like to drive in the rain. How can I possibly postpone the proposal when I have 4 friends patiently waiting for us at the Empire State Building. So I told her not to worry that we can still make it that night and return there another day of her choice. At the observatory deck, I brought out more postcard like pictures with the missing letters to the BIG question and asked her to make a sentence with them and the others I have been sending to her. By this time, my friends were already behind us, filming our little puzzle game in the dark. Lol.

When Lynn finally put the words together, I went down on one knee and repeated the words “LYNN, WILL YOU MARRY ME?!!” She was surprised and it was a YES!!! At this time, everyone there visiting at the empire state building started clapping and we hugged each other and my friends came to join us. It was one of the best moments of my life.