There’s a long story to our story, but for the sake of space and time, I’ll share the short version (smile).

On the 4th day of September 2010, I officially met this guy named Nathaniel Iwuchukwu. Prior to this date, we had earlier met each other at Leo’s wedding on the 15th of May, 2010 and exchanged our contact information as a result of having to sit next to each other at the reception. Nathaniel invited me to accompany him to a wedding in Philadelphia’s, which wasn’t possible for me because we sparingly talked to each other since our initial meeting in May. I personally thought it was a bit weird to attend a wedding with someone that I didn’t quite know yet, because our phone engagement wasn’t as steady as I thought it should be, plus, I wasn’t certain if our friendship would remain as friends or grow into something more due to my hectic schedule in school and lack of time. The fact that I declined his invitation precipitated Nathaniel to explore the Wild and Wonderful West Virginia by visiting me in Charleston, WV from the Steel City, Pittsburgh, PA that labor day weekend.

During his visit in September, we had more time to get to know each other and surprisingly, we actually connected well with each other. Being the city girl that I am (smile), Nathaniel is such an opposite personality to me personally and socially. Although we both have different upbringing, beliefs and dreams, I realized that weekend that we also were very similar in goals vision and dreams that were possible to achieve because of our differences. Over time, I admired the differences in his personality vs. mine and I thank God that he is a unique and wonderfully made human being. Towards to the end of his visit, Nathaniel dedicated a beautiful Igbo-love song to me which needed a translation(smile), but it was in the beats of “Obi mu o”by Obiwon that I fell in love with his heart and this marked the beginning of our love journey with each other.